RISE Institute

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.’” – Matthew 19:16

Research, Innovation, STEM Learning, Entrepreneurship

The RISE Institute is designed for students who benefit from challenging, independent, project-based work. Middle and high school students take electives that may include Experimental Science, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Robotics, and more. Teens identify real-world problems to solve and meaningful questions to answer.

Unlike traditional programs for gifted and talented students, RISE focuses on “I Will” rather than just “IQ”. Students must demonstrate maturity, intellectual curiosity, drive, and initiative to be successful in RISE programs which require an application and interview.


Middle and high school students can take part in a rigorous Entrepreneurship course where they will create a business concept, pitch for funding, and potentially launch and manage a small business. Entrepreneurs can then sell their products through the RISE shop, which student leaders completely manage. To view our impressive collection of startups, look at our directory here:


The Lakeland Christian School RISE Institute dedicates time and energy to an extensive law program. Throughout the year, the Center for Public Policy hosts events to engage with important local members of the judicial community, organizes field trips for younger students, and provides many specialized course options for interested high school and middle school students. Through the Center for Public Policy, the LCS Mock Trial Team participates in regional, state, national, and international mock trial competitions throughout the year.

Competition Robotics:

Middle and high school students can join Team 7719 and get hands-on coaching and encouragement while designing, building, and programming robots. The after-school program takes students to competitions in county, state, and even world leagues. 

Event Planning:

RISE offers a comprehensive honors high school event planning course. Students work as organizers and leaders of various events through design, hospitality, strategic planning, and communications. Further, they are developed as leaders through service-based projects and engagement with local nonprofits. 

RISE classes vary from year-to year and have included:

  • Honors Competition Robotics
  • Honors Sports Medicine
  • Honors Visual Communication (Video & Photography)
  • Honors Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Honors Experimental Science
  • Honors High School Urban Farm
  • Honors High School Maker Lab
  • Middle School Innovation


Enrichment activities include exposure to experiences that stimulate student interest using exciting media, talks by subject-area experts, and compelling scenarios for discussion. RISE mentors build on these inspiring situations to help students generate momentum in developing projects or research questions. Advisers help balance self-discovery, effort, and targeted input on student activities. Investigative learning is the goal, and a unique project is an outgrowth of this sustained creative activity.

More Information on RISE:

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