6 - 8年级

我们爱中学! 不仅仅是一个中间地带, middle school is the time when our students learn to build friendships, 在逆境中培养勇气, and discover the gifts our Father in heaven has given each child for 服务和敬拜 in His kingdom. 这些年份很重要. 这是他们寻求独立的时候, 挑战成熟, 并被拉伸来处理更大的责任.

As your child enters this stage of development, what comes to your mind? Perhaps, you’re looking for  a school where they will build healthy friendships. Or,  a learning environment that will prepare your child for high school. 对很多家长来说, 寻找一个能体现爱的地方, 护理, and discipline of a Christ-centered culture is what matters most. 如果这三个都是现实呢?

At cq9棋牌我们强调对像你们这样的家庭重要的东西. Our middle school program is designed to support and engage students, 帮助他们追求卓越 学习、生活和爱耶稣基督. Below, you’ll find an overview of what we offer, including:


搜索ing for a private middle school in Lakeland, FLorida?

Many families find that planning a visit is the best way to get a glimpse of our rigorous programs, 美丽的校园, 和以基督为中心的环境. 看看你的中学生在LCS有什么可能 安排旅行 or 请求的信息 今天.



在中学期间, 你会发现人际关系对你的学生很重要, 通常比数学和社会研究更重要. Your student desires to belong; to a team, a peer group, a club, or perhaps a church youth group. They will want to be in a place where they can comfortably build relationships with peers who make them feel seen and known. 在cq9棋牌, our connected and thriving school student life culture allows middle schoolers to:

  • 表现出对他人的尊重和关心. 将其人化的值, 比如爱情, 同情, 对他人友善, 在我们中学强调什么. 在我们每周的礼拜堂里, we dedicate time for praise and worship accompanied by large group Bible teaching that encourages students to learn and live by the fruits of the Spirit. 
  • 通过指导成长. Teachers at LCS work diligently to build strong relationships with our middle schoolers. 在教室内外, they explore every child’s unique learning style and interests to create a dynamic academic experience.  通过我们的咨询项目, teachers encourage students to take ownership of their learning and develop 领导 skills.
  • 培养圣经品格. 我们的圣经整合课程, 教堂的程序, 服务的机会, and restorative discipline and conflict resolution train students  in the character and faith of a follower of Jesus.
  •  自律. 老师鼓励学生做出明智的选择, 让他们从自己的经历中学习和成长. We provide opportunities for students to grow in character by reinforcing positive behaviors and correcting negative behaviors.



The academic and student life programs at LCS lead middle schoolers to explore and discover the Lord’s creation and design across all disciplines, 以数学为核心教育, 科学, 英语, 社会研究, 和《cq9棋牌》由许多俱乐部支持, 领导, 服务机会. Your child will develop strong academic, social, and spiritual foundations through the following:


中学生从事动手活动, 主动学习环境, 小组讨论, 苏格拉底式的对话, 角色扮演, 等活动采用多种学习方法. These activities are designed to develop critical thinking and analysis skills through peer collaboration   by identifying problems, 分析原因, 制定解决方案.


Students at LCS branch out to explore unique interests through electives such as band and choir, 视觉艺术, 机器人, 创新创业,  FFA, 西班牙语, 和编码. 一系列的俱乐部,比如机器人, 学习圣经, 国际象棋, 创业, 航空, and Theater provide our students the opportunity to experience discipleship and develop peer relationships outside of the classroom. 


At LCS there are many opportunities for our middle school students to serve the local community. 全国青少年荣誉协会等组织, FFA, and 中学 Student Council provide students opportunities to develop 领导 skills and serve both their school and the Lakeland community.


从中学开始, students have the opportunity to compete on a host of sports teams including basketball, 棒球, 欢呼, 越野, 高尔夫球, 足球, 游泳, and tennis with coaches committed to seeing athletes grow spiritually, 在情感上, 和运动. 多年来, our varsity athletic teams have achieved 25+ state championships, 40多个地区头衔, 40多所大学签约, 160多个地区冠军.



It is probably not common to hear, ‘middle school has been amazing,’ but it has! 我的孩子们受到老师的爱护和支持. 他们的教练以基督为中心指导他们. To have the support of the cq9棋牌 community to help raise my children when they are not in my direct 护理 is priceless.




The middle school program at LCS is designed to prepare your student for the challenges of high school and beyond. 在每个阶段,我们都通过培养:


我们的学生将学习如何计划, 设定目标, and take action as they receive guidance from their faculty advisors, 参加班会, 参加职业日, 和辅导员见面. Students may also take part in selecting electives and clubs that interest them.


Teachers dedicate the time to provide the right kind of support for middle schoolers to learn the 价值 of independence and responsibility. 无论是通过规划课堂项目, 解决问题的活动, 或者处理社交和情感问题, your middle schooler will be challenged to develop traits that will serve them well in high school and beyond.


The middle school program at LCS fosters a Christ-centered community where your child will be seen, 公认的, 和重视.  Our teachers partner with families as our faculty come alongside students to guide them through the complexity of middle school relationships. 



We emphasize physical and emotional safety within our school through several measures, 比如学校资源官, 锁着的门, 访客登记, 安全系统, 背景调查. 我们的学校文化高度重视情感安全, 中学生被要求表现出尊重, 善良, 关心他人.


We are delighted that you’re considering cq9棋牌! We invite you to visit our campus to learn more about our school, committed to educate students in the light of God’s Word to equip them for a lifetime of learning, 领导, 服务和敬拜. 以基督为中心的教学理念, 关心社区, and exciting programs that your prospective student may flourish now and in the future.


问题? 请打电话给 (863)688-2771 或发邮件给我们的招生主任朱莉·赖斯 jrice@sckwy.com.